Calcium Carbonate

Calcite Carbonate Serbia with 99,6% purity and 98% whiteness

High end quality, reserves and availability, doorstep to EU

Demand for Global Calcite Market Size To Hit EUR 20 Billion by 2028

The increasing demand for calcite as a substitute for talc and kaolin will have an impact on global calcite market growth from 2022 to 2028. Calcite’s favorable chemical properties, cost-effectiveness, rising demand from the plastics & paper industries, and advancements in polymer & plastics manufacturing are some of the factors expected to drive the growth of the calcite market. Calcium ions could be used as an alternative technology to lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), bringing benefits as a result of their abundance and low cost.

Due to a significant disturbances in the supply chain in Europe, there was an interruption in the consistent delivery of materials. Serbian calcite and graphite mine prospect, its availability and cost effective exploitation makes this project highly attractive for investment.

Calcite samples laboratory testing results


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